I bought a complete system from Arcade-One with 2 Xbox controllers and a Tank Stick. It came in less than a week and was as easy as unboxing and powering the system up. My friends and I have had ridiculous amounts of fun so far, and the amount of games included ensure the fun will never end! The customer service was amazing from start to finish.

rspengler207 - YouTube

I've purchased a machine from him. Excellent product and simple to use. much better than just purchasing a hard drive with the content in it because the machine from this guy is configured to it's content. Responds to questions very well. Thanks again.

FrankieM - YouTube

If you want a system that is ready to go, my friends look no further. everything is ready to go, even if you are playing with a wireless Xbox 360 controller, everything is ready you just truly plug and play, there is no installing anything. Carlos had the system shipped the day i paid for it, 3 days later i already had it plugged. he also gives you great customer service, answers questions and all. a truly legit business man. thank you for the countless hours of entertainment. this is the real deal!!!

Roger Belmonte - YouTube

I love my machine! support is great if you have any questions get quick response! get more use out of this than ps4!

Michael Torre - YouTube

Awesome machine, just got it today. Has all the great games from growing up, I have not played Mario Bros arcade game in 20 years. I love it. Thanks!

Dr. Danny Grimes - YouTube

Carlos is a legit business man. You don't need to have any qualms about buying from him. He makes an awesome machine and he follows up on any question you have after you buy. Yes you can download the software for free but its not easy to set up and get working right. I have a friend that made his own, I asked him about it took him months to get it working right. I bought mine and plugged it in, hooked it up and was playing. From order time to playing was 4 business days. He works fast and ships out fast. Need help setting up? send him an email. Have a question? send him an email. I just bought the AimTrak guns and sent him an email about any problems or setup instructions. He got back to me in only a couple hours. Thanks Carlos

Jeff Craigie - YouTube